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Quick Tips: Out of bed, sleepyhead

Good morning, sleepyhead. Feeling groggy? Don’t want to get out of bed? Follow these simple, but effective tips to make the most of your sleep so you can start your day with a spring in your step.

Read our infographic and share with your less-than-well-rested friends and colleagues.

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5 top public health websites

National Public Health week is coming. This year, it's being held April 6-12. This is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of current public health issues. Here are five essential websites that will boost your awareness of national and global public health topics.

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Nurse entrepreneur series: Q&A with founder of We Care Adult Care

This installment of the nurse entrepreneur series features Tracey L. Wolfman, RN, BSN, MA and CEO of We Care Adult Care. A Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Nursing Administration, Tracey has spent the last 30 years working with the elderly population, specializing in Alzheimer’s disease. In this Q&A, Tracey shares her experience as a nurse entrepreneur and nursing executive.

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The international travel nurse: What’s in your toolkit?

There are many opportunities to travel the world with medical missions. The goal is to help care for populations who are lacking adequate healthcare.

What does it take to be an international travel nurse? These tools will come in handy.

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12 things about nursing you apply to daily life

Nurses aren’t just nurses at work. Our experience as nurses carries over into our real lives and influences how we approach our world and the people in it.

Here are 12 things about nursing that you apply to your daily life.

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We’re in the Bloggies! Will you help us win?

The team at’s Scrubbed In blog is very excited to announce that we’ve been named one of five finalists for the 2015 Bloggie Awards in the Best Health or Wellness Weblog category!

Just becoming a finalist is a great honor. But we’re hoping to take it one step further. We’re hoping to win the whole shebang. And for that, we need you.

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Are you up to the Medicine Cabinet Clean Out Challenge?

The National Patient Safety Foundation is promoting Patient Safety Awareness Week from March 8-14.

As part of the festivities, The American Recall Center is hosting a Medicine Cabinet Clean Out Challenge and has challenged you to start Patient Safety Awareness Week in your very own home.

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10 events nurses don’t want to miss in 2015

There are so many exciting opportunities out there that will enrich your nursing practice. Here are 10 highlights that you won't want to miss in 2015.

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#NursesWhoLunch campaign

Nurses, this is a call to action. We believe every nurse has the right to a real lunch break. And we believe it’s possible.

Print a copy (or three) of Scrubbed In’s #NursesWhoLunch pact and rally your troops to sign a commitment to take a legitimate, restorative lunch break, each and every shift.

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5 ways to start your shift on the right foot

Want to have a great shift? It all comes back to how your day begins.

Follow these tips for starting your work day off on the right foot. Make them a habit and before you know it, you’ve got a feel good routine you can depend on to brighten your mood and keep you happy throughout the day.

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