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Mandated nurse-patient ratios: Where do you stand?

The issue of adequate nurse staffing remains a challenging one for the profession. We know that adequate nurse staffing means better and safer care for patients. We also know that nurses with appropriate levels of staffing are more likely to stay in the profession.

But how, exactly, we arrive at that outcome of appropriate nurse staffing remains a hotly contested topic among the profession, as nurse leaders work to create legislation that will protect both nurses and their patients.

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The hospice nurse: What’s in your toolkit?

Like each and every specialty in nursing, hospice nurses are one of a kind. It takes a special skillset to work as a hospice nurse, taking care of patients and their families who are at the end of life.

These are some tools that belong in the hospice nurse toolkit. Tell us what we missed!

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Nurses’ Health Study: A nursing legacy

You’ve all heard about the Nurses’ Health Study at one time or another.

But did you know that NHS3 is actively recruiting participants for the next generation of invaluable health research?

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33 timeless truths in nursing

For all of the numerous ways nursing has evolved over the last 150 years, some things will never change.

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10 qualities found in the perfect nurse

Of course no nurse is perfect.

But if you were in that hospital bed instead of your patient, what qualities would your ideal nurse have?

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The many benefits of social media

Are you using social media to its very best advantage? Whether through Twitter, Facebook, blogs or LinkedIn, social media can benefit nurses in many ways. Here are just a few.

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When the worst moment in your nursing career hits, what do you do?

Nursing is about treating and healing patients. When we have unintentionally caused harm, how do we pick up the pieces? By realizing we are not alone. By learning about the healing process after a sentinel event. And by getting help through Critical Incident Stress Management.

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Pearls of wisdom: Letter to an aspiring nurse

We each have our own wisdom, every piece unique and precious, cultivated over personal time and experience. That’s what makes them pearls. This is what I would tell an aspiring nurse. I wonder, what would you say?

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Quick tips: In the case of venting v. complaining

As a nurse, the need to voice frustration is ever present. But there’s a slippery slope between venting, or releasing powerful emotions, and complaining.
This infographic will help you figure out how to avoid complaining quicksand and what to do if you find yourself in the grips of a chronic complainer.

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10 quirks that drive nurses nuts (but we deal with anyway)

Sometimes, being part of the nursing profession can feel exactly the same as being part of a family. You love it dearly, you can’t imagine your life without it, but there are lots of things about nursing (and family) that can drive the most balanced person completely nuts. Here is Scrubbed In’s list of things about nursing that drive nurses absolutely nuts, but we deal with anyway.

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