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Please nominate us for the 2015 Bloggies!

Scrubbed In readers, we have a small favor to ask of you that will mean a whole lot to our team. 2015 marks the 15th annual Weblog Awards, affectionately called The Bloggies. Think of the Bloggies as the People’s Choice Awards.

We now have a chance to be nominated for the 2015 Bloggies and would be honored if you would consider’s Scrubbed In blog worthy to throw into the ring!

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Is it time to look for a new job? How to begin

One of the great beauties of nursing is the infinite number of doors available for us to pass through, if we can only find the courage to “cross the threshold.”

How do you know when it’s time to start surveying those doors of potential? If you are experiencing any of these signs, it might mean that the time has come to look for a new job.

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Quick tips: Social media for nurses

Social media has ushered in a new age of communication. Check out all of the ways in which social media can benefit your nursing career and see how you can use it to its maximum potential.

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Make the most of your lunch break

The elusive lunch break. Is it an urban myth where you work? Something you’ve heard about happening elsewhere, but you’ve never seen or experienced for yourself?

That can change. Here’s your guide for instituting a lunch break movement in your unit.

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Funny replies when people find out you’re a nurse

When someone finds out that you’re a nurse, whether it’s your child’s teacher or a stranger at a cocktail party, they respond in some funny (and sometimes odd) ways.

Most nurses have heard any of these replies at least once.

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#HolidayNurseSelfie winners announced!

A few weeks ago, we were excited to launch a holiday flair giveaway contest. The Scrubbed In and teams encouraged you to spruce up your work wear, then submit a selfie to enter to win a 1-year Unlimited CE membership from Boy, did you deliver!

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Restore, advance, lead: 3 nursing goals and how to begin

Happy New Year!

Take a moment to think about where you’d like to be one year from today. Whatever that goal is, how do you plan to get there?

We’ve isolated three yearlong resolutions for you and then narrowed down some of the baby steps that will lead you there. It’s about the journey, not the destination, right? Well here’s your journey roadmap.

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Best posts from 2014, thanks to you!

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s a great time to take a look back at some favorite Scrubbed In posts along the way. Find some laughs, some tips and some inspiration. And (we hope you agree) you can share them in the new year!

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10 nursing truths during the holidays

Read through our list of 10 nursing truths during the holidays and then tell us: What do you find true each and every year during the holiday season?

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Quick Tips: Safe winter commute

Cold, sleet, rain and ice. Nurses must report to duty no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. Getting to and from work during inclement weather can be downright dangerous. Review these winter driving tips and share with friends to ensure a safe winter commute.

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