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5 ways to start your shift on the right foot

Want to have a great shift? It all comes back to how your day begins.

Follow these tips for starting your work day off on the right foot. Make them a habit and before you know it, you’ve got a feel good routine you can depend on to brighten your mood and keep you happy throughout the day.

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Quick Tips: Your professional footprint

Uniforms simplify how we dress for work. But getting the right fit and function, while accomplishing the most flattering look, is more complicated than it seems! This infographic will help you determine which do’s you’re doing and which don’ts you might be guilty of. See where you can make small changes to put your best professional foot forward. Then pass on to your coworkers and friends.

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Want to be a better nurse? Try these 5 courses

Continuing education courses are more than just a requirement for your license renewal. They are the best way to keep your clinical knowledge up-to-date and relevant to patient care and public health issues.

Any of these courses will help you gain knowledge that will inform your nursing practice and make you a more effective caregiver NOW.

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About to burst? How to quickly destress

Nurses, sometimes the stress at work becomes overwhelming — when you feel like you’re in the weeds and can’t possibly get it all done, for example. Or when you’re dealing with a string of challenging patients, or when everyone at work lately seems absolutely miserable. We don't want you to keel over mid-mango. Your best bet is to cool down and release some of that escalating stress before you burst.

Give these tips a try.

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The travel nurse: What’s in your toolkit?

What makes a travel nurse successful? Here are the essential tools for a travel nurse. What would you add to the list?

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5 powerful ways to inspire a new nurse

Do you work with a new nurse who seems in need of a little inspiration?

You could be a beacon of light when things get dark for a new graduate nurse who feels like they’re stuck in a slump. Try one of these tips and watch that new nurse blossom into a nurse leader in the making.

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6 ways to improve your job satisfaction

Do you leave work feeling unsatisfied? Sure, there are those days where everything goes wrong and we question whether we can go back the next day. But if you consistently feel burnt out, or dread going to work, your job isn’t scoring very high on the satisfaction scale. It’s possible that looking for a new job is a viable way out. But it’s equally as possible that you can increase your job satisfaction—and the satisfaction of other nurses—right where you are, with these 6 tips.

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Nurse entrepreneur series: Q&A with founder of Healthy Feet: RN Foot Care Services

Welcome to our Nurse Entrepreneur Series! Meet Sara Genta, RN, BSN, CFCN, owner of Healthy Feet: RN Foot Care Services. Sara provides foot care services in the Portland, Ore., area to individuals who are unable to care for their own feet due to medical reasons, lack of mobility, etc.

Sara shares her experience as a foot care nurse in this Q&A.

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Book review: ‘B is for Balance’

I. Loved. This. Book.

"B is for Balance: 12 Steps Toward a More Balanced Life at Home and at Work" by Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, CRNI, RN, FACW, FAAN, is like having your own personal life coach tucked neatly inside a book cover.

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12 awkward nurse moments

There are times you want to crawl under a desk, and moments where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry (although laughter will prevail). Here are 12 of those moments.

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